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What Happened? or David Bowie’s Pants.

The other day my friend and I were discussing whether it is appropriate for a toddler to watch the 1988 classic “The Labyrinth”. My friend mentioned that her son had seen bits and pieces, and rather than being upset by David Bowie’s glitter-exuding pants bulge, he just kept asking “what happened?”


How could you not feel just a little confused?

I feel ya little dude. I also wonder what happened.

I have not yet blogged about it, but currently I am gestating my second child. And this whole experience so far has been a 6 months of “what happened?”.


This pregnancy is so different than my 1st, and almost all in undesirable ways. It seems that the second pregnancy does not come with 50% more rainbows and unicorns.

pregnant unicorn

or perhaps it does involve unicorns…


The other day I was out with my 2.5 year old little boy, when suddenly I was attacked my a wave of nausea. So I spot a public toilet to go toss my cookies in, and tell my small minion to follow me.

He acts very concerned. He asks (as loudly as humanly possible), “Do you have to poop mama?” And while we were in the bathroom he continued to inquire “ARE YOU POOPING? ARE YOU OK MAMA? DID YOU POOP?”

A pre-teen girl was also in the bathroom and observed this whole ordeal. (The Awkward Moose; preventing teen pregnancy one public humiliation at a time!)

other peoples kids

Dear World, you are welcome.

As I waddled home, I just thought “what happened?” I used to have shame! But now I have a toddler and raging heartburn and sciatic nerve pain. There is no room in my life for shame. Just like David Bowie’s pants.


Mose side eye




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